About the Owner

Jim showing his first Flout® design. A similar one is working after 20 years

James G. Richard is the president and owner of Richard Septic Systems, Inc. He is also the proprietor of Rissy Plastics, a manufacturer of plastic components used in the precast concrete industry. Born in 1953, Jim began work with his Dad, Roger Richard, who started Richard's Well Tile Co. in 1946. Jim hung around the plant in his early years and began employment after high school in 1972 and became president of the newly formed Richard Septic Systems, Inc. in 1985. Roger passed away in 1986 but Jim has continued the tradition of high quality products and great service. Secretary and Sylvia LaCasse handles the sales, scheduling, and accounting for the company while Jim works developing products, improving and maintaining the plant, and overseeing all operations. Jim lives in the Berkshires of Massachussets with his wife Pam and his sons Jamie and Paul.

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